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Science of Tea

By Teamonkstore Admin March 28, 2019

Tea makes the world go round

Once used as medicine, this delicious liquid is now the largest consumed in the world after water. While it took 3000 years for it to become an everyday drink, one supposes that the evolution happened to human beings thanks to the tea they consumed.

One could surmise that since there’s tea aplenty, there is no shortage of the drink. For instance, a single tea bush can produce fantastic tealeaves for over 50 years. But that doesn’t explain how this beverage produced mainly in Asian countries like China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, is a global favourite. Tea surpasses coffee in consumption even in, surprise surprise, Turkey, known for its strong, flavourful coffee! Also in Britain, Russia, Japan, China and India, which is no surprise.

Apart from a completely joyful experience, Tea is also a large source of income for countries like India and China. In India, it is the second largest industry, only next to the Taj Mahal (aka Tourism) and has been around for 172 years. Luckily for us, Indian tea varieties are drunk a lot more around the world, despite China having the pride of place for the plant’s origin.

And in Ancient China, tea was not just a source of income, it was currency! The tealeaves were pressed into bricks, with one side scored so that it could easily be broken for change. Going to show that the Chinese have always had a yuan for Tea.

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