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Today, We Celebrate Tea

By Teamonkstore Admin December 15, 2016

Ever wondered what’s the most consumed beverage in the world?

It’s Tea. If you thought it was water, well it’s a big no. Because, technically water isn’t exactly a beverage. Just so you know, with over a 3 billion cups drank everyday across the world, at the moment, tea has become a global drink, perhaps even more.

Come to think of it, history-wise, there was a time where the West had no idea that tea ever existed. At the same time, the East were getting very much involved with tea since its discovery. Even though, tea was introduced to the West just 400 years before, now they have almost the same amount of tea consumption as much as the East, lately.

Where it all began

The Western world has gained more tea drinkers in the recent past, even without being affluent in terms of tea cultivation as the East.

So, when there’s always a reason to celebrate an occasion with a drink, why not celebrate a drink itself, which is consumed world-wide by most individuals next to water.

Though the idea of celebrating tea on a global level as the international tea day existed before, only after 2004 the idea was put together for a common day to celebrate tea. It all happened during the world social forum that happened in Mumbai, India and Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2004-2005 the very first actions were made to celebrate it together as one “INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY”. Soon after, the very first festive events for the International Tea Day was celebrated at New Delhi, India in 2005 and the International Tea Day is observed continually every year at different countries involved in tea production.

How it all began

In case you are thinking that this international tea day is just to rejoice a cup of tea amongst tea lovers and tea connoisseurs, no it’s not. The idea behind this International Tea Day was not to just rejoice tea and what a celebrated drink that tea is, but to draw in the public attention towards the difficulties faced in the tea plantations during the times of tea production, the effects of global tea trade on the plantation workers, tea estate owners, small growers and the consumers.

So, this International Tea Day is followed and celebrated popularly in countries like India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia along with African countries like Kenya Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania being the world’s tea exporters to the rest of the world.

No, it’s not National Tea Day

I’ve come across certain instances that some people relate National Tea Day with International Tea day. Just to be clear, the National Tea Day is a completely different event that is celebrated 21st April every year amongst fun loving tea lovers’ community in the United Kingdom.

Of late in 2015, Government of India approached the world UN Food and Agriculture Organization to increase the adherence of International Tea Day in various countries. And thus, collectively implying that International Tea day is not just about tea and tea growing regions, but to collectively make it a time for all of us to cherish the “whole tea experience”.

Happy Sipping.

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