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The Starter Kit To Brewing Magic Potions

By Teamonkstore Admin July 25, 2017

‘When it started, it started right…’ crooned the hot singer of Hot Chip. And I thought to myself how appropriate for this very momentous beginning.

Beginning of what, you ask? The magic potion called tea. I opened my brand new ‘Starter kit’ from Teamonk Global like a ten-year-old opening his birthday presents (without ripping open the packaging along with half its contents). And found the most delightful set of tea samplers. One exquisite set of Koge Jasmine Green Tea and a sample of subtle, delicate Reeti White Tea. Now how would I know that the Koge is exquisite and Reeti is delicate without even having tried them, you ask? You certainly have the best questions.

This is where the rest of the Starter Kit comes into play. A wonderful bookmark in the Starter Kit tells me exactly how to brew the teas, while also making me think of how nice my books would with this beautiful brown book mark. An earthy-looking wooden spoon that looks like it belongs in a beautiful monastery shows me exactly how much tea to scoop out, and the beautifully designed hourglass tells me how long to brew the tea for! Not a second more, not a second less. It’s ALL about the process, the timing, the right quantity. And the right tea, obviously.

Now let’s not say that Teamonk teaches you how to brew the tea, gives you the best teas to brew it with but doesn’t give you the right implements to drink it with, ok? Because there’s a delightful white Manana-Matin mug in the Starter Kit that absolutely makes you want to hold it in your hands (with tea in it, obviously) all day long (even if Matin means morning in French. What do the French know about tea anyway?).

So there I stood standing over my pot of brewing tea like Getafix, the druid at Asterix’sGaulish village and felt like I was brewing a pot of magic potion. And to be fair, what happened next, was nothing short of magic. Because when the aroma wafted into my nose, it also wafted into the olfactory senses of the extremely anti-social inmates of my house. They wafted into the kitchen faster than they look at their phones when a Facebook notification comes in. And you know that that is saying a lot.

I was not opposed to sharing the delicate Reeti White tea with them, but I drew the line at the Manan-Matin mug. They didn’t seem to mind. And when the inmates of my house forgot to look at their phones for the next fifteen minutes while savouring their tea, I knew that I had started right.

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