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The Single Most Important Thing on Valentine’s Day

By Teamonkstore Admin February 13, 2018

If you’re living in the real world (and by that I mean surrounded by media), you’ve been hit on the head repeatedly that Valentine’s Day is but a few days away. (And that you must buy this or that because that is exactly the right way to show love.) While Valentine’s Day may be a point of high excitement for those who look forward to surprises from partner by means of gifts, mind-blowing dates or maybe even a ring, we know that it is also a day of dejection for the unpartnered.
This blog is mainly for all those lonely hearts that don’t know what to do on this day that seems to celebrate only those who are in romantic relationships.

I want you to a take moment and remember the time when you were sick, and your maid was worried sick, offering to take you to the hospital in her husband’s auto rickshaw. Or you were rushing to a meeting and your neighbour’s four-year-old son told you how gorgeous you looked. Or the time when you had a serious bout of cold and your sister couriered you a pack of Ginger Lemon tea without you asking for it!

Right, so all these are my examples, but I’m sure each one of you has your own version of these examples of love. And if these aren’t enough, there’s something much closer to you that you’re probably peering into right now. Look into your smartphone for the number of selfies you’ve taken in the last month because you thought you looked ‘oh-so-gorgeous’. While one could call this narcissism (and should), I will be kind and call it self-love (only cuz it’s Valentine’s season). But also, when you carefully sift through fitness programs to pick the right one for you, when you read carefully the labels on cans of food at the grocery store, you’re expressing love for yourself. And to all those retail-therapy advocates and spa addicts, go ahead and get on the self-love bandwagon.

My elaborately-made point is that while we glorify romantic love, we often forget the abundant love and kindness we receive from friends, family, co-workers, workout partners, pets, strangers, and even clients, every day. We are bonded by love with lots of people, and when we recognize and feel this love, we attract more of it into our lives. I swear on my mirror it’s true!

‘Yeah, yeah, we hear you. But what about romantic love?’ I can almost hear you single people rolling your eyes. How about this Valentine’s Day, you make a date with yourselves and think about the love you’ve received from past lovers, be grateful for that (and then for ending that), and jump with joy because you, single person, have the wonderful opportunity to fall in love again with someone brand new!

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