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The New You in the New Year!

By Teamonkstore Admin January 06, 2018

‘What’re you doing for New Year’s?’ is probably the first question you hear from people, come December. That usually means ‘Which crazy party are you passing out at on New Year’s eve?’ The idea of doing something special for New Year’s eve isn’t just fashionable but also something of a social pressure. So much that people start planning months in advance to book tickets to Cambodia or Barcelona or simply into a five-star hotel.

But once the wild calorie-ridden celebration is over, comes another kind of pressure. Resolutions! It is imperative to have New Year resolutions, for what other way is there to show change in your life? While that statement may be laced with some sarcasm, there is truth to it. The start of a new year is a new start to life, so to speak. So it is a rather good time to make resolutions. The most famous of which, as we all know, is to lose weight, get thinner, fitter etc. Well, there isn’t a more obvious way to show change than in your body, is there?

As cliché as it sounds, I do think it is a noble thing to aspire to. Because taking care of your body tells you that you love yourself. And self-care is the first step to self-improvement, isn’t it?

Well, personally, I am a fitness freak-bordering-on-fanatic. So every year I try to make changes to my fitness routine or food habits or lifestyle amongst other more philosophic things. I sometimes ask myself why I do this even though I could continue with the same routine and stay at the same weight or fitness level and none would be the wiser. But the need to make this change is to have something measurable that provides me with a sense of ‘Oh I’m doing something new and better for my body and myself every day!’ And it’s a good feeling. That is, if you happen to be consistent enough to see the changes.

One year I decided to add a new dimension to my fitness routine aside from running. And I started Yoga. Now the reason I decided to do this was to get my asthma under control, but the changes I saw with consistent yoga practice were amazing! My strength, endurance, flexibility and even my running speed improved drastically. Of course, my asthma also came under control. Another year, I started drinking tea. Not chai, but good old greens and blacks and oolongs. And what do you know, I felt a little lighter every time I had a cup. Another year, I decided to cut down carbs. While this one was a little harder to maintain, it really did pay off. Again, while the reason for this resolution was mainly vanity driven, the wondrous thing was that I found was a surge in my energy levels. Goodbye, afternoon naps!

Now while I realize that maintaining a New Year resolution for two months let alone the end of the year is hard enough for many, I’m going to be a complete toughie and say that New Year resolutions are not just meant for the year. They are meant for life! So I continue to do yoga besides running, am a regular tea aficionado and continue to eat a largely carb-free diet. After all, why would I not want the benefit of last year to continue forever?

But here is the bright side. If you have no new New Year resolutions for this year, simply continue with last year’s. Even if you managed to discontinue it half-way through. Also, if you really want something new for a resolution, try ‘Consistency’!

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