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Prize, Thy Mother

By Teamonkstore Admin May 11, 2018

Now that I’m staying away from my mother it’s quite safe to say that my Mum is the strongest, strangest, craziest person I’ve known all my life. Although, there are awful lot of things that go unsaid, like the extremely nurturing side to her that brings out the most attentive, dynamic and sensible virtues from being at the heart of the family. This, I’ve observed from my early childhood to this day. Apparently, nothing much has really changed to this day. And all this time, she’s been silently mastering the art of motherhood.

On a random day couple of years back, when I was adding things to my bucket list that already contained a flurry of things, I arrived to a conclusion that I am not get any younger to do all of it and that made me realize,so does my mom. So,I rang her up to check on her and casually asked her what her bucket list was and I’d like to know some of it. To my surprise, she didn’t have any of her own. I still didn’t get any prompt answer even when I asked her to try harder to recall at least a few of them. The reason being her family came first. I guess that this would be the case for most mothers out there. Whatever she could think of, me, my brother and her husband were a part of it.

So, I decided it was up to me to make up for what she missed out, because I felt that was also a major part of her thoughtless family that came first. And I wanted to make amends however possible. So, whenever I do something nice for her or whenever I visit home, I make time for me and my mum to understand her better and discuss things that are very trivial and things like what could’ve been. And you know what they say, ‘it’s never too late to do the right thing’. Even then, it occurs to me that this could’ve never ever make up for what she missed out. But then again, it’s just the start.

And no matter what I can give, it can’t even match up to what she’s given me with her presence all along. Besides, when I present her with something, she always complains that I’m not earmarking for my future and keep a close tab on my spends.

And with this Mother’s Day around the corner, I’ve still not decided what to gift her. Especially for the Lady who knows the value of everything and the price of nothing as she always says, “I have all the things that I need and in case if I want something, I surely can pay for it”.


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