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One Woman

By Teamonkstore Admin March 07, 2018

Meet Delilah!

A typical cosmopolitan from San Francisco.
A citizen of the world.
Digital Marketer by profession, and Food Blogger by passion.
Likes archaeology, still dwells in latest fashion.

Her mornings are busy, as much as they’re calm.
She sweats out in the gym, and drinks tea green,
While weekends are meant for the nearby animal barn.
She’s aware of her health, well-being and appearance.
For she knows the importance
Of balance,
Of evenness,
Of harmony,
With self, and with others,
With people, and with things.

Her work targets are high, and team aspirational.
It makes her anxious, but remember?
She knows balance. She works hard, she plans it out with her team.
She knows they can do it. So she smiles, with a cup of warm tea in her hands.

It’s lunch time, her anticipated time of the day.
For now she will show her passion, the caesar salad that she made.
Appreciation from colleagues, and the drive shall never fade.

She’s supposed to meet a friend on her way back, and do some gourmet shopping.
Alas, flat tyre!
But remember? She’s a cosmopolitan. She knows. She fixes things.
Nothing stops her, not even a wind whirl.

It’s 8 pm. And she’s back home.
A long, but productive day. No complaints, no regrets.
Only her new blog to go by, beautified by serviettes.
She types “Like, Share, Subscribe”
This makes her happy, totally worth a bribe!

10:30 pm: The phone rings, it’s mom calling.
Her best friend, her confidant. They share their day, and both laugh.
She eats her dinner in the meanwhile, when mom is complaining about dad.
She chuckles, rolls on the bed laughing, and wishes her a good night.
Goes to the kitchen, looks for her source of calm,
And brews a cup of white.

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