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One Summer Afternoon…

By Teamonkstore Admin May 23, 2017

‘What happened to the Bellinis and the Mimosas?’ ‘Have they stopped selling Champagne in your part of the world?’ ‘Or ice?’ These were the reactions of my friends when I suggested a tea party on a hot summer afternoon. But thanks to who I am (a stubborn git), I stuck to my plan and bulldozed my friends to come to it. Hoping that it wouldn’t be the last time they did.

Of course, my stubbornness was backed by a very powerful weapon. Not emotional blackmail you guys, but Tea. Not any kind either. The finest Summer teas from Teamonk Global.

Now imagine the finest citrus orchards thrown into the greenest tea gardens. And then the two of them marry and make beautiful babies. Now if these babies were bathed in warm water of the perfect temperature and presented to you swaddled in the most beautiful teacups, are you gonna spurn them and ask for cold Bellinis? I thought not. That’s what happened to my friends too.

The anti-tea brigade turned up in full form to reject my lovely tea party. But soon converted when they tasted the riot of citrusy green teas that hit their nostrils before they hit their taste buds. The Zoho Lemongrass Green Tea vied for attention with the Yoshin Lemon Green Tea and Zohen Orange Green Tea. And with names like that, how could my pretentious friends not be impressed? But to their credit, it was genuinely the teas that impressed, with their natural crispy citrus taste blended perfectly with the freshest green tea. And for those with a more delicate palate, I served the very subtle Sei White Tea, also a perfect summer tea.

Now I would be doing a great disservice if I didn’t speak about the stars that made my party a hit. By that I obviously mean the Teas. Now, Sozen (meaning genuine in Zen-speak) is this light yellow green tea that beautifully combines the natural taste of green tea with the intoxicating flavour of pure, dehydrated Orange peel. It leaves a very pleasant and refreshing aftertaste.Besides leaving guests enthralled.A genuine pleasure to have at every tea party this summer.

Yoshin is literally an Ocean of Truth. I didn’t make this up, guys. The Zen masters did. Now the tea masters seem to have added natural lemon peel to green tea, such that the clean vegetal notes of the green tea blend seamlessly with the citrus crispness. Just as many cups of it blended seamlessly with my snooty guests.

Zoho is a real treasure. Like literally. In Zen. This lemongrass green tea hits you with its aroma before you can even taste it. With a mildly tannic flavour, and subtle hints of lemon, this tea is a perfect complement to any occasion. It certainly was to mine.

Now that I have successfully thrown a Tea party this summer, and successfully not managed to lose friends at the same time, I’m gonna go make myself a cuppa. I suggest you do too.

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