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Like My Mother Does

By Teamonkstore Admin May 12, 2017

On Mother's Day last year, I could not contain my excitement. It was after 7 years that I was home for the day, and though I and my mother have never been the typical expressive mother-daughter duo, we know the extent of love we have for each other.

After months of saving, I had finally managed to buy her a diamond ring; I had never bought her anything so pricey before. Well, I did gift it to her, and indubitably she loved it! She flaunted it to all my family members, it was my first exorbitant gift to her after all.

Sadly and eventually, the frenzy fazed. I realized that my mother is a busy working lady, who magically balances the household and work so perfectly!

**Come to think of it, we need mothers for everything - right from finding our socks to the dire emotional support we need at times we feel low. It is indeed a wonder how she and all mothers around the world have this *invisible* spell which finishes all the chores in a jiffy.**

But, amidst all this, somewhere, she has no time for herself. A mother is always busy- if she's not cooking, she's getting the kids to do their homework, if not that, she's busy in her office, otherwise, she's making sure that we are leaving the house with an umbrella on a rainy day, and the list goes on...

Wouldn't it be perfect if betwixt all these bells & whistles, she has a little time to herself? A time when she can connect to herself, she can relax, she can be the pure being which she is, she can appreciate the stillness in her thoughts - a time which is only her time.

In my thoughts, I imagine my mother sipping a cup of tea, appreciating the nature, and luxuriating her "me time", as I hide behind the curtain and smile while watching her.

With time, we evolve. And evolvement here means a growth which might not be tangible, but still overpowers everything tangible. And this Mother's Day, I have found this evolved gift for the first love of my life - something appreciated by everyone - Tea. A gift of tea - a tea which she does not need to savour with everyone in the family, but a tea which lets her appreciate and unwind herself, where she can connect to her soul.

The exquisite collection of Greens, WhitesBlacks and Oolongs provides you with so many options - you will surely find one to suit your mother's palate!

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