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Jasmine Green Tea Cookie

By Teamonkstore Admin November 16, 2018

Tea in India is not just a drink, but it is an emotion. The Indian milk Tea is popular worldwide and needs no introduction. People here are now opening up to try new and different flavors of tea. This change is driven because of health issues, the influence of western countries or an openness to try new flavors. There are so many varieties available in India now like Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolang Tea, White Tea. They all are made from the same tea plant, Camellia Sinensis (L) but how it is processed after being picked decides it's type.

Tea can be consumed in other interesting ways as well like cake, cookies, etc. Yes, the tea cookies are interesting and delicious. Jasmine Green Tea is one such delightful combination which has the benefits antioxidants rich green tea and soothing aroma of jasmine. This Jasmine Green Tea cookie is made using the Jasmine Green Tea from Tea Monk. The Jasmine Green Tea leaves as a whole is used along with the tea extract.The cookies made using green tea are light, fragrant, crispy and go perfect with evening tea. These cookies have the health benefits of green tea and the goodness of jasmine rolled into one.

The Jasmine Green Tea gives the cookies a very light greenish tint. The end result is soft and delicious cookies with not a very prominent taste of green tea. Matcha powder can also be used to replace the green tea leaves and the result will be perfectly green beautiful cookies. The cookies are made my whisking together the butter/oil, sugar and green tea extract together in a mixing bowl, then adding the flour, jasmine green tea leaves, baking powder and pinch of salt. Prepare the dough, wrap with plastic wrap and freeze until firm. Bake them till the edges are golden brown. Let them cool and enjoy with tea.

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