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A Healthy Start To 2017

By Teamonkstore Admin January 12, 2017

Year 2017 has already embarked on its journey, and so have the ‘New Year’s resolutions’ we tend to take at the beginning of every year.

A research says that at least a third of us enjoy making New Year’s resolutions every time December rolls over to January, but in reality, how many of us actually stick to them? How many times have you found yourself making the same resolution as you made last year, but saying it with a little less confidence than last time?

Ironically, one of these resolutions definitely tends to be about our health. We’re aware of the problems we may be facing and the risks we might take unnecessarily, but we’re still reluctant to change our habits. Perhaps the problem is we aren’t thinking through the potential benefits of making straightforward, realistic commitments and planning how to stick to them.

The key to succeeding when making a resolution towards health is to take one step at a time. They say – “It is the small things in life that add up to make the big things”, and we agree. Instead of trying to take multiple leaps at a time, and not fulfilling them properly, wouldn’t it be better if we took one step, and succeed?

Will we be successful right away? No, I won’t. And probably, neither will you. Unless you’re one of those fortunate beings for whom self-improvement comes naturally, you’re unlikely to keep such grandiose resolutions alive for more than a few weeks. But that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. It just means we need to set achievable goals.

Change just one thing

So to borrow a slogan from one of the more realistic campaigns ever: Change one thing. Pick one goal. Alter one habit. Be specific. Be disciplined. Be realistic.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at our first challenge: Healthy Eating.

Make Green Tea your ‘Cup of Tea’

We are all aware of the benefits of green tea, directly or indirectly. But, do we know that its blessings are a lot more than we can think of?

Natural detoxification
Weight loss through increased metabolism
Improved brain function and memory
Immune boosting
Protection from oxidative stress
Heart disease prevention
Rich source of fibre, B & C vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and chlorophyll

So, what are you waiting for? Take your first step forward, let this be the “one change of your life” and go achieve that New Year’s resolution of yours!

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