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4 types of teas and they are not the typical chai

By Teamonkstore Admin November 21, 2017

Cold December morning, hidden sunshine peeping through the trees, smoggy sky, chair in the porch, newspaper, and a cup of steaming hot chai in your hands, oil cladded fritters - paints quite a picture in your head. Doesn’t it? So it did in mine too, but only until last year.

Winter last year was an eye-opener, quite literally (explained later). I joined Teamonk Global in November last year. First day into the office, and the pantry-lady brings everyone a cup of green tea.

Outer me –“Wow, I am so excited. I am working for a tea company and I am getting free specialty teas at my table”.

What’s actually happening inside me– “How in the world are you going to gulp it down?! It is bitter, and you know it”.

The pantry lady approaches me, I can feel the beads of sweat on my face, she smiles, I fake a smile; her brutish hands (yeah, that’s how I felt at that moment!) slowly put a cup of the tea on my workstation. I stare at the cup, the typical clear cup shown in TVCs is looking right back at me. “Drink me, drink me”, it’s shouting at me. I fathom the courage. “How bad could it be”, I ask myself as I take the first sip. The moment of truth has arrived; I can see the sun shining at me, transporting me to a world where the green tea tastes good. I am not lying, this tea is actually tasting good. In fact, I can feel the essence of Jasmine buds in the tea. It’s not bitter, it’s the most subtle green tea I’ve ever had.

That’s when it dawned upon me: not all green teas are bad. They taste good too. And thus began my journey of drinking specialty teas. Also, there’s so much more in the tea space than the green tea all averse (not me anymore).

One year later

I have completely moved on from drinking the typical milk tea throughout the day to these specialty teas. My mornings are incomplete without a cup of green tea, and a cup of Dravak Black Tea is what literally opens the eyes of the sleepy-post-lunch-me, and a cup of Sei White Tea is my evening cuppa. I feel much lighter and my skin seems detoxed too.

In fact, the unimaginable has happened; my 60-year old dad, who spent his entire life drinking 6-7 cups of milk and sugar chai each day is now hooked on to YakusoTulsi Green Tea like the milk chai never existed!

Also, which I should have mentioned typically in the beginning, there’re 4 types of specialty teas which can swap places with your regular milk cuppa:

Green Tea: Like every social media addict, I had read scads about its benefits everywhere, starting from food bloggers to some random friend on Facebook. But this was indeed true. A cup of Seiki Peppermint Green Tea to start my day, and a cup of Koge Jasmine Green Tea in the evening is all that is needed to make me feel better about my body, and my confidence.

Oolong Tea: Although I am not a day-to-day epicurean of this tea, a cup of Wa Oolong certainly needed on one of those which I need when I need to be a part of an important meeting, and being mentally alert is a must!

White Tea: This actually did wonders to my skin! Be it a cup of Nilgiris Sei White, or the aromatic Darjeeling Reeti White, each cup is a bliss for your skin with its antioxidant properties.

Black Tea: A cup of Dravak Golden Tips Black Tea is my afternoon savior. Considering the buffet-disguised-as-lunch we have every day at office, this saves my eyes from drooping to take a nap, no matter how much work I have on my plate.

PS- These are my personal ‘My Tea, My Time’ choices. You can always swap!

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