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Teamonk Global in Delhi, NCR: Stimulating your Tea Journey

By Teamonkstore Admin December 02, 2016

A cup of tea is so interfolded in any tea lover’s life that it can just be anything – a bond creator, a channel to intellectual ideas, a conversation starter, a potion that works magic when you are under stress, or simply a drink to wake up to every morning. There could be any possible reason to justify the intake of this much-loved hot beverage.

When we know that such is your love for your cuppa, how can we leave a chance to treat the tea appreciator in you? This is why we got an idea to introduce you to a whole new range of our specialty teas that are plucked from the freshest tea plantations of Darjeeling, Nilgiris and Assam. Our objective is not just to instill our brand in your tea chest or collection, but to make you taste varieties of purest teas in our catalogue.

While discussing about the location to start with our direct brand communications, choosing Delhi NCR was the prudent pick. So, here we begin!

Welcome to Teamonk Global Foods Pvt Ltd.

Before the Steeping

With very little time to prepare for the events and bringing out the optimal output – a challenge that our team thrived on! Our team successfully managed the stalls at all the 6 venues, where free wet sampling took place. As we are committed to add uniqueness to your tea experiences, we took complete delight in explaining the whole product range, the region of the teas, the processing of the tea leaves, the health benefits that these teas bring along, and a lot more, to the customers.

This is what makes us trustworthy, much true to our name – Teamonk Global – The Seal of Quality.

Brewing it together

During the entire exercise, we evaluated that majority of the people we met are accustomed to traditional regular India chai or the masala chai or the tea bags (the black and the green teas). So, when we introduced the leaf teas and the procedure on how to brew them, people were quite captivated and craved to try more of our teas. Most of the visitors preferred flavoured green teas, and white teas and the oolong teas were also quite a hit amongst the crowd.

We educated them about the whole range of Teamonk Global premium teas. In the first place, a lot of people complimented us on our name itself - ‘Teamonk’. Secondly, as we have launched our brand in e-commerce, people were happy about it. It is always convenient to place order online and get the product on your doorstep without any hassle.

People did find our teas alluring, however, some felt the products were priced on the higher side. So, most of them favored the sample sachets of 10 grams before going for the tins of the same variant. They were also interested in our teabags as they preferred to have these teas in offices. In addition, they were keen on other flavoured teas such as mint, ginger, and lemon.

Another attention-grabbing point that got unraveled in the meanwhile was that women tea drinkers are largely fond of the Jasmine and Tulsi (Basil) flavoured teas.

Overall the connect we had with the people at the venues was more intriguing, as the folks were not just from different regions of India, but tourists from around the world as well.

The wrap-up

Since our main objective was to educate and spread the buzz about Teamonk Global, an exceptional brand that not only offers the freshest and purest of the premium specialty teas, but also maintains the quality and excellence of the teas. We are ‘Teamonk Global – The Seal of Quality’. We are sure that people who visited our stalls at these venues will remember us for the tantalizing taste of all our teas, especially our Oolong teas and White Teas.

And now, as we progress on to adding new flavours and tea variants to our existing catalogue, we certainly look forward to create such promotions in the future, leaving you excited and wanting for more.

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