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Teamonk Global at World Food India

By Teamonkstore Admin December 08, 2017

The Food Street at World Food India was abuzz with hectic activity.

Spread over 4000 sqm near India Gate, the best of international and Indian cuisine was on display. Tasting counters showcasing the great culinary variation that India had to offer, live cook-ins and demonstrations by celebrity chefs generated excitement amongst the guests. It seemed as if India was talking to her guests through her much loved timeless recipes from traditional kitchen.

Tea has always been a part of Indian hospitality, a mark of friendship, a cup of golden elixir which initiates many a conversation, spreading warmth and calmness. So, it was but natural to have a counter which served the best of specialty teas from the highlands of India.

Teamonk Global was present at the exclusive VIP lounge--serving a cup of tea to each and every guest. The caddies were on display, so were the whole leaves for all to see, feel and smell the fragrance of these specialty teas exclusively sourced from the best plantations of Darjeeling, Assam, Arunachal and Nilgiris.

The vital criteria in tasting tea are the appearance, hue, aroma and flavour of the leaves in both the dry and infused state.

So, once the guests selected his or her preferred brew, the team prepared the tea. It was mesmerizing to watch the oolong leaves unfurl and expand, the delicate white leaves slowly release their subtle exquisite flavour, the malty blacks golden amber in colour, the non-fermented greens giving out their fresh aromatic flavor.

On-lookers were fascinated to see so many flavours of green tea. Right from pure green to greens added with rose petals, jasmine flowers, Tulsi leaves, orange zests, fresh lemongrass, cinnamon sticks, spearmint leaves, and the list seemed almost endless.

It is almost as a tea had been curated for every mood. Almost as if these dried leaves disclosed their magic formula of well ness to the world when steeped in hot water.

True tea connoisseurs enjoy their tea without any additives to enjoy the full aroma and the associated health benefits. A jar of natural honey was kept on the counter for those who wanted to sweeten their black tea.

People on the move tried the pyramid teabags. They were impressed. Unlike the conventional teabags these nylon biodegradable bags are large enough for the water to move freely around the whole leaves- the advantage of convenience without compromising on the quality of the brew.

The hourglasses on the counter top along with the four teapots, each for the four variants, the display of the dry leaves, and aroma of freshly brewed teas beckoned the guests to try a cup of wellness.

A cup to rejuvenate, step towards remaining hale and hearty.

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