Tea Tasting Session with Food Bloggers at Bangalore

Tea Tasting Session with Food Bloggers at Bangalore

We were still at our Teamonk's infancy, while we had this very first social event as a brand, that has and will remain reminiscing as we progress to the next stages as a brand and as a organization. The event took place at our office premises, where we arrange for the entire workshop on natural premium specialty teas. We had our very own spokesperson and our M.D Mr.Ashok Mittal, who had literally steeped tea for over 4 decades and continuing to do it.

Few of the guests who attended the event were Monika Manchanda - curator of Sin-a-mon Tales, Neha Mathur - curator of Whisk Affair, Ranjani Rao &Ruchira Ramanujam - curators of Tadka Pasta, Shree Shudhi, Soumya Gopi, Supriya Jambunathan and Kaveer Rai.

The team had arranged for a welcome note followed by the tea tasting session and food pairing session. Once the guests understood what the brand Teamonk Global symbolizes and got the understanding of what tea really is and how they are produced, we toured them for a exquisite tea brewing and tasting session. Here's is where the magic happens. Like every tea has it own taste, aroma and qualitative characteristics, they have their own brewing/ steeping time to make it taste perfect.

The guests were very interested in trying our entire tea range, as they really enjoy the signature taste and aroma of our teas, and on no occasion they have experienced such tea varieties like ours. Also they were fascinated by the concept of pyramid teabags to let the tea leaves brew without breaking the original tea leaf. They savoured as many teas as possible and picked up a few teas on their way out, while appreciating us for wonderful tea experience. The Oolongs and the white teas were their preferences amongst all teas they tasted during the session.

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