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Calm in a teacup: The story of how Teamonk came to be

By Ashok Mittal November 15, 2016

This is what the world looks like in the year 2016. Elections are making Sophie’s choice look easy. Cities are recovering from natural disasters like floods and politicians. Big Data is still big. Just not as big as Fast data. The irony of fast-rising crime on the one hand and slow judicial system on the other does not go unnoticed. Some parts of the human brain are reeling under the onslaught of information and other parts are dying due to acute loneliness in a super-connected world.

It is during one of those lucid moments of observation that it struck us; like a super- targeted remarketing ad on very high-speed internet connection; as to what the world really needed. A really, really good cup of tea.

Not the garden variety, if you know what we mean. But tea from specialized gardens that were at that moment not available to you. The kind that was filling us with joyful warmth and epiphany. We realized that if this tea could awaken us to possibilities, why would it not do the same to you?

It is said that tea was discovered by Buddhist monks centuries ago, and was consumed to help them stay awake during long periods of meditation. It certainly looks likely that drinking tea also helped in the true awakening of the monks. But while tea is widely available to the world at large, this innate quality of tea is lost somewhere between the plucking and your palate.

Therefore was born Teamonk. Tea from exclusive gardens in India, the eastern home of spirituality, where the organically grown tealeaves are plucked with great love and precision by our artisan tea pluckers, processed with great attention to detail by craftsmen and packaged in the best manner to preserve its freshness and delivered to you in record time.

And when you brew this tea in the same exacting manner as we make this tea, there is little doubt that you will be filled with an innate calm and serenity from which spring forth energy, vigour and creativity. Who know what possibilities may awaken from that? Do you? We are just people who deliver the tea. The tea that transports you. To a world that you create for yourself. So you can tell us what the world looks like to you in 2016.


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